Shadow River

Shadow River

Monday, January 1, 2018

Now Available

Fifty Things to do While Your Child is in Foster Care, by Sheila Webster is available now at, or here.

About this book:
This book is designed to help anyone who has had their child put in foster care. Part self-help, part resources and workbook, it also carries a bittersweet narrative of one young man’s story. The “fifty things” do not have to be done in order – a person can do any of the fifty things and improve their situation. Ms. Webster comes from a stance of parenting being one of the biggest but most rewarding challenges of life. “We all have bad parenting moments, days and sometimes seasons.” Her belief that anyone can change their life is reflected in the name of her company – LifeRewrite.

Coming Soon

Brave Women: Building Bridges to Transformation, a Compendium, by Ellen Duffield, is the newest non-fiction title from Shadow River Ink.

From the Author:
BRAVE Women, Bridge Building Leaders addresses the high personal and social costs of women’s low confidence. The antidote? Bravery, Resiliency, Advocacy and Action, Voice and Expanded Perspective, Skillsets and Influence. Weaving 25+ years of research, stories, personal reflection and group exercises it targets the mindsets, models and practices necessary for women to change their world …and offers strategic insights to those who know their organizations and communities would be stronger if they were more conducive to attracting and retaining BRAVE Bridge Building Women Leaders.

Stay tuned for more information.